The Belmont Clubhouse / brand,objects,space

UPSTAIRS_ was commissioned to convert a 1980s European-style Bungalow at the prestigious Belmont Road in Singapore into a private clubhouse and 7 guestrooms.


Instead of ripping the grand old dame apart and re-starting from a clean blank slate, we celebrated the Mansion’s quirks, ostentations and exuberance, wilfully resurrecting each of the public and private rooms, each one artfully and meticulously styled to reflect individual personalities and imagined histories.

In contrast to the original gilded architecture, the interventions were approached with a clean, modern, and geometric counter view, in a restrained palette of monochromatics, leather and brass.

Art becomes an common denominator between the spaces, and lends each of the space with a distinct unifying attitude, one which transgresses effortlessly between the Old and the New.