N Tyler Flagship / brand,print,space

The N.Tyler Flagship Boutique is the inaugural concept boutique for the Savile-Row inspired bespoke menswear label, situationed within the prestigious Moshe Safdie designed Marina Bay Sands Shoppes (Singapore).


Inspired by the controversial dissection works of British artist Damien Hirst, we have creatd a modern-day shrine to the menswear couturier.


A slightly crazed exercise on abstracting peculiarities of the traditional English Row House: the Front Hall, the Salon, the Grand Atrium; all fervently dissected, curated and re-configured as total, holistic environments in their original scale, detail and grandeur, with the intention to evocate and provoke as a series of highly charged & merticulously art-directed immersive environments.

Every single detail within the series of spaces are created as a nod to the fashion label’s British origins, or more quintessentially, the craft of tailoring: Doors studded with countless sewing thimbles, a bespoke tailor’s pedestal anchored beneath a dramatic mirrored architrave ceiling.


We then choreographed these dissected “archways” as a spatial narrative along the show box floorplate, interspaced by dream-like “floating” galleries of dissected dressers, credenzas and truncated carved seats, creating a bespoke retail experience we have termed “The Curious Savile Row”.


The project has garnered attention from regional and international media, including FRAME Magazine (Netherlands), and the highly coveted retail design annual Powershop 4. The project has also been an invited entry for the World Interior News Awards 2014.