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UPSTAIRS_ collaborated with multiple award-winning agency iris Worldwide on their complete office refurb.


Housed within a row of conservation shophouses, converted into an open plan ground level space, and a split-level mezzanine, the brief was for the workspace to exalt the attitude of the agency, in terms of personality, rituals and workflow, and the genius-loci of the Heritage context.


Revelation came in the form of Creative Nomads – our term coined for the agency teams, who regroups and reassembles unique teams with each project that the agency takes on. This creates a perpetual and fluctuating landscape of team dynamics and personalities within the agency workspace. This though, is only at the local level. The local agency is also integrated connected with iris agencies on a worldwide level, with inter-agency members interactions in person, or virtually.


In response to the quirks of the agency, the new workspace has been envisioned as as a series of physical spaces and encounters for the Creative Nomad to plug in, crawl into, sprawl on, and dream from: a landscape of custom designed super-objects.


At the entrance, an 8-meter long Supercounter greets the visitor with an instant pow-wow. Part reception desk, part 8-man team work desk, part CEO work-cubicle, and part awards mantel place, at the heart of the counter is a 3-dimensional urban city light installation which responds in real time to the agencies across the cities.


The Superhotdesks hugs around the windows, forming hotdesks and upholstered seats as a sculptural counterpoint to the traditional window frames and woodwork. Forming the core of the main agency floorplate, The Park is a topographic extrusion forming niches and pockets for one to sit, perch, or lean.


At the Mezzanine level, we worked with Singaporean artist Grace Tan (Kwodrent) on a 3-dimensional ceiling sculpture to form The Clouds, and talented crochet artist Kelly Limerick (the Hanana) on The Pods, forming spaces huddle under the pitche roof attic-like spaces.


Of course, any agency would not be complete without a bar, and we presented To Bar Or Not To Bar. Essentially a bar formed primarily with the library of books that the agency has accrued over the years, but never once used.