Gallery Apartment / objects,space

A social dwelling for a young urbanite couple with a common love for collecting friends and non-living things, we have created a total transformation for an otherwise generic compacted living space.


Exploiting the structural free-rein of the apartment, we took down all of the walls in a heartbeat – save for one single wall between the bedroom and the living space. And in their place, erected a serious of folding walls to create 2 configurable spatial volumes:


One, a social, loft-like living space; and


Two, a private space to cleanse, dress and rest.

A massive pivoted timber door and concrete platform separates the two spatial volumes, dramatizing the transition as one moves from one to another.


To unanimous delight, a hoarders’ wall encases the public shell, creating the perfect backdrop for books, views, friends and memories!


The project has garnered attention from regional and international media, including a cover feature for Lookbox Living (Singapore), has been featured by Indesign Media (Asia Pacific) as one of 50 best design projects for Singapore Indesign Intimate 2015.