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The Singapore Art Museum (SAM) has called on 40 Singaporean Artists and Designers across varied disciplines to participate in the creative production of a critical and compelling range of objects – EVERYDAY OBJECTS.


Each Artist or Designer was to conceive an idea for a specific product based on their area of enlightenment, UPSTAIRS_ was delighted and honored to be invited as one of the 40, the brief being The Vase.

Empty Vessels


There are Vases that hold Flowers,

And there are Vases that are Flowers.


No one envies the Vase.


It is a dull existence, an object singularly dedicated to temporal usage, if at all. Anything that holds water can be a vase. And yet a vase cannot be anything else but a vase, or is it?


Empty Vessels is a series of stackable objects culled from drinking vessels: the Chinese teacup, the local Kopi-peng (ice-coffee) mug, and the high-design wine goblet.


Each vessel is spliced, abstracted and emptied of their original functions to form multiple new meanings and relationships with its use.