Designer’s Type / art,print

Designer’s Type is a community-based online exhibition that serves as a self-reflection for designers and a simple showcase for typography lovers. Each typeface is given a personality by the curator and selected design studios and artists around Asia will present an artwork that best translate the accompanying word.


Being architects, typically known to have self-righteous sticks stuffed up their rears, we selected:


No. 16 Overcritical & Analytical

Font Type: Zurich


We treated the stroke lines of the font type completely as if it were a building footprint, and extruded from it a 3-dimensional graph with the Overcritical Scale on one axis, whilst the other axis serving as the Overanalytical Scale, and then translated it into a physically-impossible 2-dimensional technical shopdrawing. The artwork was 100% drafted and created with Autocad by minimum-wage interns, because Architects.


This project is part of Designer’s Type exhibition curated by our good friends at Sciencewerk®.