Crocodile Concept Boutique / space

We love to tell a good story, one which inspires and stirs the soul. The story of Crocodile offers an intriguing refrain of a pioneering home-grown brand which not only resonates with an older generation, but is also an effervescent fashion label in constant flux of re-invention.


The Crocodile Concept Boutique is a spatial and interactive manifestation of the brand’s unique DNA. Inspired by the label’s cahractersitc play of conceptual, clever and adaptive design details, we created a transformable shell for the boutique, an ever-changing and ever-evolving backdrop for the visual displays.

Anchoring the space is the gem for the brand – The Crocodile Concept Gallery – a store within the store; a re-configurable display, a gallery, a pop-up store, an inhabitable adaptive structure to showcase the best of each season’s offerings.


As a nod to the brand’s heritage, we took familiar details which hark back at the brand’s pioneering days. These elements are then abstracted and reinvented into a contemporary, unifying visual cue: the pieces which tell of a good, true-blue Singapore Story.


The project has garnered attention from regional and international media, including FRAME Magazine (Netherlands), Surface Magazine (Asia Pacific) and the highly coveted retail design annual Powershop 4. The project has also been an invited entry for the World Interior News Awards 2014.